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As the hot, summer weather approaches, now is a great time to check your vehicle's AC system. Your vehicle's AC rarely needs any sort of service so it is often overlooked. But, there is nothing worse than realizing your AC is no longer able to adequately cool the cabin of your vehicle once the high temperatures have already set in.

Here at Bob King Buick GMC, we provide AC diagnosis and service on all Buick and GMC vehicles. We know just how brutal North Carolina summers can be so staying ahead of things is our biggest goal. If you fear your AC is no longer up to the task, visit us at Bob King Buick GMC or continue reading below for a few things to look out for on your vehicle's AC.

My AC Still Blows Cold Air, But It Is Not As Cold As It Used To Be

If you have noticed that the air from your AC is not quite as cold as it once was, it is a good idea to have it checked out. This could be something as simple as needing more coolant; or it could indicate a leak in the system. No matter what the issue is, our team is fully capable of accurately inspecting your system and finding the issue. Once we've found the issue, you'll be given an accurate quote and options on how you wish to proceed.

My AC Blows Air, But It Is Not Cold

This could also indicate a low level of coolant. But, if your vehicle suddenly stopped producing cool air from its AC, it is likely there is a major leak or the compressor itself could have gone bad. These issues are best left to the professionals so schedule a visit at Bob King Buick GMC in Wilmington, NC today if your vehicle is experiencing them!

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